Project description

Liliana Fernandes da Costa

The outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria is a unique asymmetric bilayer that forms a penetration barrier against toxic compounds. In the framework of my PhD project, I aim to structurally elucidate and define the role of a putative RND lipid transporter CltA from Campylobacter jejuni and the same operon-derived lipid transfer proteins MlaA and MlaC for outer membrane homeostasis.

Luise Stadler

One of the primary defence mechanisms that gram-negative bacteria have developed against antibiotics is an asymmetric outer lipid bilayer. This bilayer features phospholipids in the inner leaflet and lipopolysaccharides in the outer leaflet, effectively preventing the entry of lipophilic toxic compounds.
In my PhD project, I aim to investigate the membrane homeostasis by focussing on the AsmA-like protein family, which is hypothesized to play a crucial role in this process. I am utilizing a multitude of techniques, including solid-state NMR, LC-MS, and electron tomography as well as functional assays.

Dr. Reinke Müller

I am interested in the determinants of substrate polyspecificity, the investigation of effective inhibition strategies and the the molecular modus operandi of the tripartite model efflux pump AcrAB-TolC from E. coli. In my studies I use methods such as the screening of defined single substitution libraries, phenotypic assays, differential scanning fluorimetry and X-ray crystallography.