Researching antibiotic resistance, a global threat.

Antibiotic resistance is a serious threat that affects the lives of many. Microorganisms have multiple ways to resist the antibiotic medicines we apply to threat infections.
The PosLab researches the powerful bacterial resistance mechanisms which prevent the antibiotics to enter and kill the bacterial cell.

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Efflux Pumps
We look into the molecular detail of antibiotic efflux pump machineries and how these pumps can provide resistance against many antibiotics. We also research on efflux pump inhibitors, which can be used in combination with existing antibiotics to recover their effectiveness.

Lipid Transport
Lipid transport from the inner membrane to the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria is important for the integrity of the bacterial cell envelope. Without an intact outer membrane, the antibiotic resistance provided by efflux pumps is rendered futile.

We study structure and function of antibiotic efflux transporters. We use X-ray crystallography and single-particle Cryo-EM to obtain molecular insight into the mechanisms of antibiotic binding and transport. With biophysical and biochemical methods, we quantify the effectiveness of the efflux pump inhibitors and gain insight into antibiotic interaction with the efflux pump.


Our research deals with efflux pumps and transporter complexes involved in Gram-negative multidrug resistance


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